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MN Brick Wall Goalie School

TCM Brick Wall Goalie School is a unique program developed by a team of goalie coaches, dietitians, and strength & conditioning coaches for any and all lacrosse goalies who want to become more ATHLETIC BALL STOPPERS. 

We've been working with goalies for over 10 years and have seen SO many HIGH POTENTIAL PLAYERS who think that they don't need to train because they are the starter on their team or have already committed to college.  

Sad part: Think again! In order to be great, you have to do things others aren't willing to.

Each goalie is placed in a specific program/group according to their age & level of playing skill so they feel comfortable & can thrive. Each session is focused filled with athletic assessments, new technology, unique drills, and mentality training to challenge athletes to step up to the next level while having fun!